How to upgrade toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Jon-Anders Østerud
Av Jon-Anders Østerud

This guide will explain how you should upgrade the Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM and how you can do it manually should you encounter the following error message: «The hole Wizard and Advance Hole database is not the expected version. Please upgrade your database to the expected version or choose a new location containing the expected version.»

solidworks pdm error message

Upgrading toolbox for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

Taken from the SOLIDWORKS help, this is how you should upgrade the Toolbox:
On the first system to perform the upgrade, you must use Get Latest Version to download the Toolbox files to the local cache and check out the Toolbox database file. On other systems that are upgraded, the only requirement is to download the Toolbox files.

Before you upgrade:

  • Ensure that there is a full recent back up of the vault database and archive.
  • Make sure that the Toolbox parts are not checked out or in use by any currently checked out assemblies

You can read more about this and find a step-by-step guide in the help under the topic Note About Configuring SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.

Next, I will talk about what you can do if you forgot to update the Toolbox through the Installation Manager. This is an issue we regularly receive when a new SOLIDWORKS version is released and you have upgraded SOLIDWORKS and PDM. In the excitement of getting the latest edition, many forget to upgrade their Toolbox as well.

To upgrade SOLIDWORKS Toolbox manually:

  1. In Windows Explorer, log in to the vault as Admin.
  2. Right-click the Toolbox folder and click Get Latest Version to copy all Toolbox files and the toolbox database to the local cache.
  3. You must ensure that one of the following toolbox database files are present:
    • From SOLIDWORKS 2014 or earlier: vault_name\Toolbox_folder_name\lang\your_language\SWBrowser.mdb
    • From later versions of SOLIDWORKS: vault_name\Toolbox_folder_name\lang\your_language\swbrowser.sldedb
  4. Check out the SWBrowser.mdb\SWBrowser.sldedb file.
  5. Browse to your SOLIDWORKS installation path, default is C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS 20XX\Toolbox\Data utilities
  6. Run “UpdateBrowserDatabase.exe” as administrator (important)
    (NOTE: If you are upgrading from 2014 or earlier you will need to convert your existing mdb database to sldedb format first. In that case run “DatabaseConverter.exe” first as Administrator.
  7. Once the program is running, browse to the swbrowser.sldedb file mentioned in stage 3:
  8. Click “Update” and the database will be processed:
  9. Once the update is finished, check in the swbrowser.sldedb file.
  10. Let everyone else that uses SOLIDWORKS know that they need to run “Get latest version” on the Toolbox folder to get the updated files. Toolbox is now ready for use with the new version.