Topic: Simulation og SOLIDWORKS

Virtual prototyping is cutting product development cycles and allowing manufacturers to bring better products to market, faster than ever before. And the best news of all? The tools are no longer exclusively available to large manufacturers with deep pockets. In this eBook you will get an introduction to the benefits of virtual prototyping.

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In today’s competitive market place, developing an innovative product faster can give you the edge you need to succeed. In most organizations, several departments are involved in the design and development process. So if they all can leverage CAD data better, the whole process can become more efficient.

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Topic: Programvare og SmartPLM

Today, migration to the cloud is a critical part of running a business and for many companies this journey is already well underway. But, for some others, it is just beginning. Like any game-changing technology, it’s not surprising that cloud computing comes with a lot of misconceptions and myths.

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