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Connect SOLIDWORKS to the Cloud and Transform Your Product Development




Webinar: What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Økt 1




Webinar: What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Økt 2

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Get to know PDM BOM management in 30 minutes

Learn the great possibilities with PDM BOM management.

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Webinar: The death of routine and birth of innovation

You are probably aware that most engineers have to perform on a very tight time schedule. PLM Group Product Specialist Petter Månsson explains how your company can reap the benefits of the ultimate value generated by your engineers – innovation of profitable new products. Give your SOLIDWORKS data a health check - GET STARTED FOR FREE. Let us help you - contact us for more information !

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The PrinterView with OsloMet – Norwegian youth designing for the future.

We are partnering up with Norwegian university’s OsloMet expert to explore the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing!

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3DEXPERIENCE Webinar – 3DX Creator and Sculptor

Watch the webinar and learn how to transform your product development with SOLIDWORKS cloud solutions!

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SOLIDWORKS PCB – Designing flexible Printed Circuit Boards

As the trend in product miniaturization is rapidly growing, electro-mechanical product designers are facing increased pressure to not only design densely populated Printed Circuit Boards but also to package them in tight mechanical enclosures. To meet these evolving requirements, product design teams are relying on rigid-flex circuits to meet their product performance and packaging.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – Investigate the flow of gas and fluids

Understanding the flow of fluid or gas is hard and expensive to test physically. With SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation you can test your designs virtually on your SOLIDWORKS 3D model, which can save a huge amount of time and money compared to performing physical tests.

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60 SOLIDWORKS Tips in 60 Minutes

Watch this webinar to see 60 tips for SOLIDWORKS users only in 60 minutes!

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3DEXPERIENCE – a cloud-based platform that can help you develop products faster with fewer errors

Learn how a cloud-based platform can help you develop products faster with fewer errors.

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Introducing the 3D EXPERIENCE cloud platform

Learn how to collaborate easily across your entire organization by using the new 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform solution.

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Fikk du med deg alle nyhetene i SOLIDWORKS 2017? Se opptak av webinaret som gir deg en rask introduksjon av alt det nye.

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ThePrinterView – the fundamentals of 3D printing!

It is time to understand the fundamentals of 3D printing!

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SOLIDWORKS CAM: Integrated Design and Manufacturing

Are you looking for ways to streamline and automate your manfufacturing process? Watch the webinar recording where Marcus Olsson talks about CAM programming inside SOLIDWORKS. Find out more about the new CAM tools from SOLIDWORKS and learn how to connect your engineering and manufacturing teams with SolidWorks CAM. Let us help you - contact us for more information !

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Introduction of 3D Experience PLM Services for SOLIDWORKS

Learn about the new PLM Services for SOLIDWORKS users.

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The PrinterView – 3D Printed Applications

A walkthrough of some of the most common 3D printed applications.

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Introduksjon til SOLIDWORKS Electrical

20 minutters demonstrasjon av funksjonaliteten i SOLIDWORKS Electrical

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Introduksjon til Exalead OnePart

Lær om effektiv og intuitiv gjenbruk av din CAD data

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Introduksjon til SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Lag inspeksjonsrapporter 90% raskere med SOLIDWORKS Inspection

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Introduksjon til SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Hva kan du med SOLIDWORKS Plastics? Få introduksjon og demo i webinaret.

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Introduksjon til SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Se hvordan du kan lage fotorealistiske bilder av dine modeller

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Introduksjon til SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD)

Det er på tide å resirkulere papiret, se webinar om SOLIDWORKS MBD, løsningen for papirløs produksjon.

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Optimize your design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

In this webinar we will introduce you to SOLIDWORKS Simulation. You will learn how to optimize your designs, allowing you to increase product performance and quality and reduce the time and cost of physical prototyping. Any engineer can use these tools directly in their 3D model, within the SOLIDWORKS environment.

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