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Using SOLIDWORKS in the Consumer Products industry

Consumers worldwide demand reliable, cutting-edge products that deliver outstanding value. Higher sales, market prestige, and brand loyalty are the rewards for companies that create consumer products. PLM Group provides integrated product lifecycle management solutions that cover the full range of modeling, simulation and communication that consumer product designers need to develop better products faster – and at lower cost.

SolidWorks is being used throughout the Consumer Product industry. Read the testimonials and success stories to see how SolidWorks benefits each of these customers.

Swegon ILTO Oy


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We have saved a lot of time and subsequently money since implementing the PDM software. Using the software, we have together with PLM Group created a structure that ensures that every engineer and designer knows exactly where to search, find and save relevant data. Sarita Keppola, Mechanical Engineer, Swegon ILTO Oy

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