Q Yachts ble etablert i 2015 og designer elbåter i luksusklassen. Produktutviklingen har skjedd i samarbeid mellom to hovedpartnere; Oceanvolt Oy med ansvar for det elektriske fremdriftssystemet, og Navia Design Oy med ansvar for alt designarbeid. Oceanvolt Oy ble etablert i 2004 og har 16 ansatte i Finland. Navia Design Oy`s morselskap Aivan Oy har

“SolidWorks has provided us with a very flexible platform that enables our industrial designers and engineers to work together very effectively. The CAD system has made it possible for us to closely collaborate and standardize our processes so that one team member can easily continue the task where the other colleague left off.”

«SolidWorks Composer has helped us to eliminate an irritating bottleneck in the design process. It’s not only faster to develop assembly instructions with SolidWorks Composer, but it also allows us to complete the instructions earlier in the process, both of which help us accelerate delivery to the customer.”

“It was obvious to use SolidWorks and PhotoView 360 for the reconstruction of Regan WEST, as the combination of technical 3D information and graphics is easy to combine in SolidWorks.”

”The benefits of using SOLIDWORKS becomes very obvious when I try out various new methods of design, especially when I am working on revising older designs that contain construction errors. For the heavy structures, it is also very valuable to be able to determine the center of gravity, both in order to be able to handle

“We are doing design workshops with our customers. The online connection with HostPLM has both increased the speed in our design processes and enabled our designers to utilize back office support. Data is now safely available everywhere, online and fully updated.”

“By using SolidWorks we even have gained a number of additional advantages we had not foreseen when we implemented the CAD software. For instance, this applies to simulation, which makes it possible for us to detect any space problems relating to both production and physical handling of the often very large structures.”