Industrial Machinery

Using SOLIDWORKS in the Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers of Industrial Machinery face formidable challenges in today’s competitive global market. Clients look for more complex equipment customized to specific needs, higher reliability, and compressed delivery time. PLM Group solutions can help you quickly design complex assemblies and verify strength, durability, and performance to outpace your competitors by creating better machines at lower cost.

SOLIDWORKS is being used throughout the Industrial Machinery and Equipment industry. Read the testimonials and case studies to see how SolidWorks benefits each of these customers.

Rimbøl Teknik A/S

Produkter: SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Markforged Mark Two

Bransjer: Industrial Machinery

”3D-printeren sparer oss for masser av tid. Vi er ikke lenger nødt til å vente på at våre underleverandører kan levere en maskinkomponent så vi kan teste den. Vi kan printe delen i løpet av natten og teste den neste dag. Vi sparer omkring to tredjedeler av våre tidligere utgifter, og noen ganger kan vi

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Hellgrens Lastvagnsservice AB

Bransjer: Industrial Machinery og Transportation

«Companies want lighter trailers that at the same time can carry as much as possible. For a designer of trailers, it means that it is necessary to optimize the relationship between weight and strength. We do this partly by using the right materials, partly by developing smarter solutions, and this has become much easier with

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