Using SOLIDWORKS in the Transport industry

The transport market requires design innovation combining efficiency and reliability as well as style. Designers and engineers for next generation vehicles must constantly innovate to create extremely complex parts and large assemblies that satisfy customer requirements, maximise performance as well as meeting strict safety standards. PLM Group solutions combine efficient 3D design with simulation to ensure optimisation of size, weight and performance. With PLM Group solutions you can easily collaborate across your development team and with manufacturing to make better parts, vehicles, and transportation systems faster and at lower cost.

Read the testimonials and case studies to see how SOLIDWORKS benefits each of these customers.

Hellgrens Lastvagnsservice AB

Bransjer: Industrial Machinery og Transportation

«Companies want lighter trailers that at the same time can carry as much as possible. For a designer of trailers, it means that it is necessary to optimize the relationship between weight and strength. We do this partly by using the right materials, partly by developing smarter solutions, and this has become much easier with

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Lahden Autokori

Produkter: HostPLM

Bransjer: Transportation

“After the introduction of HostPLM, I have slept much better at night because we now have a much more efficient, secure, flexible, stable and more cost efficient product planning solution. I am surrounded by happy faces, because our planners no longer have to wait for minutes or even hours before the system responds to their

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Bransjer: Transportation

“The biggest benefits from using 3D Design with SolidWorks has been achieved in the production where the cycle time has been reduced significantly, because all the parts are ready made and fit perfectly together. We no longer have to wait for missing parts or make engineering changes during the production phase.»

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