Anatomic Sitt AB

  • SolidWorks is a cost-effective 3D Solution
  • Good functionalities that fit most purposes
  • Great visualisation possibilities with PhotoView


Anatomic Sitt AB has many years experience and competence when it comes to solutions for children, youths and adults with problems sitting. Their competence is used when standard products doesn’t meet the needs.

Anatomic Sitt invested in SolidWorks already in 1998, when they needed a solution that gave them opportunities to visualise and virtually test their products.

Anatomic Sitt AB


Anatomic Sitt AB uses SolidWorks to design and analyse their products. The visualisation tools are great to illustrate new product ideas. They have equipment to scan 3D-details to SolidWorks and then print them with a «Rapid Prototyper» (3D-printer) for verification and physical visualisation, which aids them in the design process.


Bransjer: Consumer Products