AP Maskinteknik A/S

  • SolidWorks has very easy user interface
  • Conflict tests eliminate the need for time consuming redesigns
  • Integrated analysis tools make materials dimensioning easy
  • Using SolidWorks 3D it is simple for the customers to understand the design


Established in 1984, AP Maskinteknik A/S now has 12 employees that design and manufacture special machines for the food, plastic, and wood industries. Previously they used AutoCAD LT as their design tool, but their customers wanted them to change to 3D to achieve better visualization of design ideas.

AP Maskinteknik A/S


One of the customer´s was already using SolidWorks and the son of AP Maskinteknik’s owner was studying to become an engineer at the Engineering College of Århus, where SolidWorks is tought, so the choice of SolidWorks was an easy one. The visualizations SolidWorks provided and it´s user- friendly interface were the key benefits. The interference tests between moving parts at an early stage also provided designs that are correct from the beginning. Maskinteknik also liked the integrated analysis capabilities that tell “in blue and red” if the design will hold or not. All these benefits from SolidWorks meant Maskinteknik could keep all design jobs in-house while at the same time making the company more profitable. The company was able to start accepting much more complex jobs since they had right tools to design faster and with greater accuracy.


Bransjer: Packaging Machinery