JLM-Teknik ApS

  • SolidWorks shortened the design process by 50%
  • Integrated analysis tools are easy to use
  • All modeling features needed are included
  • SolidWorks® eDrawings® makes explanations of the design ideas easier to understand


JLM-Teknik ApS are specialists in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment for industrial use. Previously, they designed their products in 2D CAD but realized that the complexity of the products in demand required 3D. That’s when they decided to evaluate some of the leading 3D CAD packages available on the market.

JLM-Teknik ApS


Machine Engineer Jens Justesen, a new engineer at the company, with previous SolidWorks experience, strongly recommended choosing SolidWorks.

The company decided to invest in SolidWorks Professional. And six months later they started to think of upgrading the license to SolidWorks Premium because of the analysis software integration.

The demands for sophisticated designs have increased and they need to perform more in-house analysis instead of outsourcing. The company is also using SolidWorks eDrawings® to communicate with customers. They find it much easier to explain their design ideas when the customer can look at the 3D design of the product. The complexity of designs that they can achieve now just couldn’t be done with the old CAD system.


Bransjer: Industrial Equipment