Nordisk Plåt Benetec Automation AB

  • Using SolidWorks we minimized design and assembly errors
  • Improved handling of large assemblies
  • Added photorealistic rendering capabilities
  • Strengthened ability to recruit young engineers


Nordisk Plåt Benetec (NPB) is one of the leaders in the European can-end handling market. Manufacturing of can ends is a complex process, carried out by approximately 10 factories in Europe. NPB designs and manufactures the machines that pack the ends into transport packages. Previously, the company used the 2D AutoCAD software, but they needed 3D CAD to minimize design and assembly errors. Since the new generation of workers are learning on 3D CAD in school, it would be difficult to recruit young engineers if they use 2D CAD.

Nordisk Plåt Benetec Automation AB


The company evaluated several CAD packages, but chose SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software for its overall design capabilities, ease of use, and affordable price.

The company also received several recommendations from other SolidWorks CAD software users. The team believes that SolidWorks software is always one release ahead of the competition.


Bransjer: Industrial Machinery og Packaging Machinery