Preco SIA

  • HostPLM allowed better standardization of products
  • PDM solution has eliminated redundant design processes and better protected data from errors
  • Product data now easily accessible by marketing and sales team


Based in Lielvarde, Latvia, Preco produces specialized equipment such as conveyor belts and dryers for the handling of grain, seeds, and other plants. Their philosophy is to produce highly standardized equipment, where 90% of the equipment is standardized and 10% of it is adaptable to their customers’ needs. They have steadily grown since 1994 and problems in their 3D models have started to hinder their further development. Some common issues they have encountered were misfit parts, incorrect 3D modeling naming and engineers accidentally re-engineering existing models. Clearly a better organization of their data and processes was needed to improve efficiency and continue to develop.


Preco recognized the need to streamline their 3D model processes and consulted with PLM Group to find a suitable solution. The HostPLM solution was recommended to address the problems in handling of 3D models and workflows.

From the beginning, the price frightened us a bit, but at the end, when we analyzed the Return on Investment (ROI) and the benefits that we would gain, it showed a lot of promise. PLM Group experts came to our office and helped to install and set up the server, as well as giving us a one-day training.“ Tomass Ulmis, Constructor.

PLM Group experts visited the Preco office and helped to install and set up a new server. They also provided a one-day training for employees to get familiar with HostPLM and its many uses. They were able to collaborate to create the PDM framework that was customized to their unique workflows and defined how the design processes function in their company.


The work flow in the 3D modeling process was quickly improved. Now managers can easily assign the engineers a specific task and not worry about redundant work being done. The tasks can then be verified upon completion by the managers, even remotely, to ensure a smooth workflow.

Less than 3 years ago, we decided to implement SOLIDWORKS HostPLM. With the help of this software, we are now able to follow our philosophy and promote standardization of our equipment to better match our customers.” Kristaps Grauzdulis, Engineering department Manager.

Not only has the engineering department seen improvements in their own work processes, sales and marketing no longer need to contact the engineers to query details of the products. Sales and marketing can quickly and easily access any information they require directly through the HostPLM solution.

Additionally, the data safety has been secured with the new system to avoid costly errors. The PDM system ensures strong data so they can see the last person who has changed the details in the models. In addition, they cannot delete the existing ones accidentally, as they are always stored as a local copy on their own servers.

We can highly recommend using the PDM solution by PLM Group because it has saved a lot of time and resources. We were the first to test PDM in Latvia and in the beginning, we were unsure if we made the right choice as the investment was a huge risk. But today I can say with 100% certainty that the investment has paid off well as our engineers no longer have to, for example, make any DXF or PDF’s as it is automated.” Tomass Ulmis, Constructor.

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