Skandinaviska Glassystem AB

  • Using PDM we increased capacity to undertake larger projects
  • Quality control at all levels
  • With PDM it is nuch easier to handle the workflow


Skandinaviska Glassystem is recognized as one of the leading innovators of advanced glass and facade work. The company got a task of designing and installing the high-end facades on the Bella Sky Hotel at the Bella Exhibition Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Skandinaviska Glassystem’s job was to design, manufacture and install approximately 258,334 square feet of surface area, which includes all outside doors, revolving doors, connection bridges, a facade cleaning arrangement, and a 8,073 square foot canopy.

Skandinaviska Glassystem AB


A couple of years ago, Skandinaviska Glassystem completed their existing CAD environment with SolidWorks® Premium, and an increasing number of new designs are still carried out on that software today. When they got the Bella Sky Hotel job, they realized that they needed a stable and reliable product data management (PDM) system to handle drawings and 3D models throughout the whole process—from design, to purchase, manufacturing and installation. They decided to invest in SolidWorks® Enterprise PDM.

”We have learned a lot about PDM during this project—it is so much easier to handle the work flow process now that every single component has its own article number. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is now a company standard—we use the system to document quality control at all levels. I’m very happy with our new PDM system, and I don’t hesitate to call it addictive,” Hansen said.

”The geometric complexity of the relatively high building has been an extra challenge. There are 800 different types of triangular-shaped modules that generate 2,000 sub-modules and 17,000 drawings. Most of the components appear in many places, and it would have been an impossible task to manually keep track of all the drawings involved,” said IT Manager Claus Hansen.


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