Sonion Roskilde A/S

  • With SolidWorks our product development is faster
  • Easier access to FEM analyses
  • Better communication with other CAD application


Sonion Roskilde A/S is the world’s leading supplier of electromechanical components for the hearing aid industry. Sonion’s products are smaller than the sulphur on a match and contain as many as 12 different sub-components. “To maintain our competitiveness we have to ensure a shorter product development time. For it to be realistic, we have to use a CAD system, that is as efficient as possible”, says Martin Bondo Jørgensen, Development Manager at Sonion’s TechCenter.

Sonion Roskilde A/S


The final selection of a CAD system was the result of a collective decision made by the designers and technicians using CAD on a daily basis. They are all highly experienced and their criteria included individual features as well as the overall performance of the system and ease of use. Three CAD solutions were demonstrated and although all systems did fairly well, some essential details did separate them, according to Martin Bondo Jørgensen.


Bransjer: High Tech - Electronics