Tamware AB

Using SolidWorks the product development time is shorter
Easy to expand with partner programs
More streamlined workflows when using PDM

«We have streamlined the entire development using SolidWorks and our PDM system. Today we’ve got much better control of our workflows and release of drawings and information which is always available at the right time and place. This has meant major time savings in both development work and subsequently money.»


Since 1975, the finnish company Tamware has developed door systems for transportation equipment such as buses, trams and trains. The company is also a leader in the development of energy-efficient electric door systems.

Before the implementation of SolidWorks, Tamware was using multiple 2D and 3D CAD systems but this was a major challenge in the development of new products. To solve the problem, the company decided to standardize on SolidWorks. Today the company is doing all of its development work using 17 SolidWorks licenses.


Ease of use was a key factor when choosing SolidWorks: «The CAD systems we used was either 2D which could no longer meet our needs, or 3D systems which were complicated to use. SolidWorks is well known for its ease of use and it is also easy to expand with special programs from SolidWorks partners,» explains Otto Becker, who is a CAD and PDM specialist at Tamware.

Tamware is using the 3D CAD system to create large assemblies and is constantly streching the borders of the system. The company increasingly focuses on reuse of components from existing products in its new products and has also reduced the number of individual items in the products. This has resulted in both more effective design work, as new products no longer need to be designed from scratch and production cost savings. A steadily expanding use of standard components such as screws or bolts and even more complex assemblies have also helped to shorten development time.

Otto Becker emphasizes that the PDM system plays a crucial role in these efforts. «We have consolidated our parts in the PDM system and cleaned up our part portfolio. In addition to more streamlined workflows, this has given us a clear overview of which products we still support and need to produce spare parts for.»