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  • More standardized processes makes it easier to share the workflow between team members
  • Better qualified team because of wider choice of candidates
  • Better visual communication abilities
  • Ability to test and validate new designs reduces the need for physical prototypes


Estonian product development company Ten Twelve was founded in 2004. First couple of years company used different CAD systems, but then decided to implement a new common CAD platform. They needed to find the right tools for conducting simulations and streamlining the processes.

Ten Twelve OÜ


SolidWorks is the most widely used CAD Software, allowing product development company OÜ Ten Twelve to find highly qualified perspective employees.

Estonian product development company Ten Twelve has streamlined its internal processes by using SolidWorks. Its team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers use the 3D CAD software in combination with SolidWorks Simulation to develop even more technically advanced solutions for its customers, particularly within the consumer electronics industry.

“SolidWorks has provided us with a very flexible platform that enables our industrial designers and engineers to work together very effectively. The CAD system has made it possible for us to closely collaborate and standardize our processes so that one team member can easily continue the task where the other colleague left off,” explains Tarmo Härmaorg, who is one of the partners in the product development company. «In addition, during the design phase, the casing, features and surfaces can easily be adjusted if the electronic components or mechanical aspects make design changes necessary during the development process.»

Easy to find candidates with SolidWorks skills
The first couple of years after the company was founded in 2004, Ten Twelve used different CAD systems. It was in 2007 when they decided to implement a new common CAD platform and after comparing different CAD systems, Ten Twelve chose SolidWorks. The choice was pretty obvious for technical reasons but also because SolidWorks is widely used in Estonia, explains Jukka Halttunen, CEO of Ten Twelve.

“One of the main reasons why we opted for SolidWorks was that the educational institutions in Estonia mostly use this software. Hence, we have a wider choice of qualified candidates when hiring new employees and they can start working effectively much more quickly as at least software wise, much less training is required. Moreover, it has been crucial for us that a large portion of our customers and subcontractors also work in SolidWorks. Using the same software makes both the workflow and communication around our development projects easier and quicker.”

Simulation of strength and temperature
SolidWorks Simulation Professional plays a key role in Ten Twelve’s development work. The software is used for strength calculations as well as heat flow simulations to optimize new products.

“The simulation software enables us to test and validate our designs. We optimize the designs, but at the same time are able to reduce the number of prototypes necessary,” explains Tarmo Härmaorg. In a number of recent development projects the software has been used for simulating and analysing the heat flow for cooling. The example here is a newly developed LED lamp, where SolidWorks Simulation was used to obtain the optimal design for the cooling surfaces.

In another recent project, Ten Twelve has used simulation to optimize the design of battery cabinets for uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The cabinets consists of around 50 sheet metal parts and the goal of applying simulation in the design process was to achieve a design combining maximum robustness with the lowest possible material consumption.

SolidWorks is ideal for communications
SolidWorks plays a very important role in the communication with customers, subcontractors and production during development projects where the 3D models from SolidWorks are used for vizualizing new design concepts. The company uses sequential screenshots, PhotoView 360 and eDrawings as visualization tools in the decision making process with partners and clients around the design of their new products: “During the last few years we have mostly designed small electronic home appliances. Both SolidWorks and eDrawings are really good tools for visual communication in such projects,” explains Jukka Halttunen.

Ten Twelve has developed a system to manage the cooperation in SolidWorks between designers and engineers. Tarmo Härmaorg explains that the company is considering the introduction of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to streamline the process further. ”We are growing very fast, and in addition to our 18 employees we also work with freelancers, so we will probably acquire a PDM system over the next few years,” he says.

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