Ullman Dynamics

  • Using SolidWorks we have improved product quality
  • Increased the durability products
  • Shortened lead times


Ullman Dynamics is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of ergonomic suspension seats for speedboats. The company has over the past 15 years been world leaders in safety and ergonomics in connection with seats and boat control systems. Coast guard, military and other crime-fighting organizations are the largest customers.

Ullman Dynamics


For the last 12 years, the company has used SolidWorks to create optimal designs and constructions, and has used SolidWorks as a highly effective means of technical communication with its clients among shipyards worldwide.

he company uses data from SolidWorks as input to the fiberglass and carbon fiber moulding, sheet metal construction, welding instructions and casting of foam items.

They use 3D visualizations, animations and other illustrations made with SolidWorks PhotoView 360 and eDrawings to communicate technical information. Ullman Dynamics also widely uses SolidWorks Simulation to ensure that seats and other equipment achieve the highest strength combined with the lowest weight.


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