Wihuri Oy Technical Trade

  • SolidWorks saved time in the design process
  • Easy to create prototypes of the design
  • Easy to find trained technicians


Wihuri Oy Technical Trade (WOTT) in the Finnish town of Raahe has solved this problem using SolidWorks to design an ergonomic workbench that makes proper disassembly and assembly of the cylinders a simple and secure task.

Wihuri Oy Technical Trade


“By using a 3D CAD system in the development of the workbench, we succeeded in constructing a prototype of the workbench, which was almost ready for production. However some minor changes to the basic design in regard to operation, ergonomics, safety and accessories were necessary,” explains Esa Savolainen, the development engineer at WOTT using Solidworks Premium.


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