Stian Mork

Application Specialist - 3D printing


CSWPA-EL Certified Flow Simulation Professional - Electronic Cooling

Certified SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design Expert

CSWPA-MO Certified Simulation Professional - Advanced Motion

CSWP-S Certified Professional – Simulation

CPPA Certified PDM Professional Administrator

CSWPA-NL Certified Simulation Professional - Advanced Nonlinear

CSWPA-DY Certified Simulation Professional - Advanced Dynamics

CSWPA-HV Certified Flow Simulation Professional – HVAC

CSWP-F Certified Professional - Flow Simulation

CSWS-TSO Certified Specialist - Technical Support Onboarding

CSWS-TSI16 Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Training Simulation

CSWPA-TF Certified Simulation Professional - Advanced Thermal and Frequency

CSWS-C16/17 Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Composer

CSWS-TMD16 Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Training Mechanical Design

CSWS-S17 Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist – Simulation

CSWS-MD17 Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Mechanical Design

Certified Professional - Presentation Skills (CSPP)

Certification of Completion - Introduction to Composite Printing

Certified Additive Expert Composite

Stian Mork