HostPLM for integrating data, processes and people

Learn how to use secure storage and revision management and how to collaborate across multiple geographical locations easily and cost effectively.

HostPLM for integrating data, processes and people


Our customers invest extensive resources in product development. With HostPLM we help them to manage Product Lifecycle more effectively. With HostPLM you can:

  • Access and share information anywhere anytime
  • Enable collaboration and empower innovation
  • Hosted solution is up and running 24/7

HostPLM™ is the solution for companies producing and managing technical documentation, with a need for secure storage, version and revision management, concurrent engineering and collaboration across multiple geographical locations.

HostPLM™ is a powerful and scalable private hosting solution combining the latest PLM and IT Infrastructure technologies. With HostPLM™ your company can utilize an infrastructure similar to the largest companies around the world at a fraction of the price.

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